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Our White Label IoT solutions let you focus on building your brand and selling your product and services while simplifying the conversion path for your customers.
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DEWALT’s industrial and commercial customers are now enabled with the DCE081 to have Total Jobsite Visibility with automated auditing of their tools and equipment, helping them to finish their jobs on time and on budget.

Matt Velderman, Director of Product Marketing

Go to market with best-in-class quality, reliability and performance.

White Label asset tracking solutions by Mobilogix deliver actionable data tailored to your brand and use case.

All Mobilogix products are easily rebranded and come with a core set of functionalities tailored to your specific use case.

White Label solutions adhere to the same rigorous design, development, and testing that are the backbone of our business.

White Label Asset Tracking Solutions

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Why should Business choose White Label IoT Solutions.

White Label IoT opens a box full of possibilities. A white label service for your business helps you customize every solution as per your business. This helps your business own every technology used in your company under your business label.

Avoid common pitfalls

Consider building the solution from the ground up, developing both the software and the hardware. This method may appear interesting because you can customise the solution to meet your individual requirements. Well, the truth is that designing, testing, and certifying the items for your solution can take years. Odds are you will make errors that others have previously encountered and perfected.

A White Label strategy significantly reduces risks and errors by allowing you to purchase things that are ready to use. This means you won't have to devote a significant amount of time to product development. Instead, you can get down to business quickly and easily, providing an IoT-enabled solution to your clients ahead of your competitors. Quick customization services will ensure you can still deliver a tailored solution even though you do not develop the products yourself.

Get a customized & dependable solution

Mobilogix offers a comprehensive range of white label products to fit the specific demands of your company. You can create an IoT solution with just these components, or you can integrate them with our FusionIoT™ platform. Because the products are unbranded, you can customise the package with your company's colours and logo.

We've spent over a decade building, testing, verifying, and certifying the solutions to save your company the time and money it would take to construct an IoT solution from scratch. White Label devices and services mean it's easier than ever to overcome common obstacles to entering the IoT business.

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