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FusionIoT™ Cloud Platform.

FusionIoT™ cloud platform and mobile apps provide device location and environmental data at a high level of granularity in a format that is easy to navigate and control.
FusionIoT™ Cloud Platform
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FusionIoT™ Platform Advantages.

Get on-the-go access to both real-time and historical asset location and environmental data. Pair with Mobilogix IoT Devices for improved performance in Supply Chain and Logistics, Cold Chain Monitoring, Micromobility, Equipment tracking, Vehicle and Motorcycle tracking use cases.
State-of-the-Art Tracking

State-of-the-Art Tracking

FusionIoT™ provides granular insight into asset location and condition across the globe.

Impactful Data

FusionIoT™ Cloud Technologies enable multiple tiers of input collection from abundant data sources.

Impactful Data
Adaptive Platform

Adaptive Platform

FusionIoT™ makes it easy to set, monitor and adjust geofence alerts and reporting intervals; in the office or on the go.

Global Coverage Options.

Global Coverage Options

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