Core Services.

Mobilogix innovative IoT product solution stack is designed for the smart tracking, monitoring and management of assets of all kinds at scale. Every product in our portfolio has its foundation in a core set of services which, taken separately or together, ensure State-of-the-Art performance and reliability.

Device Development

Platform Integration

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Deployment & Support

Device Development: Mobilogix specializes in full lifecycle device development and customization. Services offered include Hardware Design, Electro-Mechanical Design, Firmware Architecture, and Firmware Customization.

Platform Integration: Mobilogix IoT devices are optimized for integration with Mobilogix FusionIoT™ or 3rd Party Platforms. Services include Device Management, AWS IoT Core integration, and API’s to Interface with new or existing Solutions.

Product Manufacturing: Mobilogix robust network of manufacturing resources ensure reliable production with cost-optimization. Services include Quality Manufacturing, Component Sourcing, Mechanical Fabrication, and Supply Chain Management.

Deployment Support: Mobilogix provides end-to-end device and solution support before, during, and after deployment. Services include Business Process integration, Installation and Deployment, Regulatory Certification, and Network Certification.

Specialized Services.

Optimize your solution with Mobilogix Value-added Services. Pair our devices with FusionIoT™ for a total solution to smart asset management that is both mobile and modular. Beat the competition to market while leveraging the power of your brand with White Label platform and devices. Fine tune solution performance with Quick Custom services that deliver tailored results in less than half the time.



Customized Dashboards.
Device Management.
Reports & Alerts.

White Label

Elevate performance.
Get to market faster.
Leverage your brand.

White Label
Quick Custom

Quick Custom

Local R&D Support.
Firmware Customization.
Local Platform Integration.

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