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Mobilogix Named One Of A Few Select Partners For Verizon’s ThingSpace Ready Program
Mobilogix Named One Of A Few Select Partners For Verizon’s ThingSpace Ready Program

Mobilogix Named One Of A Few Select Partners For Verizon’s ThingSpace Ready Program

Mobilogix joins telecom giant to support its world-class cellular-enabled IoT solutions program.

Irvine, California, May 21, 2018 – Mobilogix, the world’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions, today announced that the company has added yet another feather to its cap by being appointed as a partner for Verizon’s new ThingSpace Ready program. ThingSpace Ready is Verizon’s IoT Accelerator program, which is being launched in partnership with OEMs such as Mobilogix, who are IoT adoption leaders in their respective spaces. 

“We’ve been a leader in the IoT industry and connectivity services since the successful launch of ThingSpace in 2015 and the first nationwide CATM1 network for IoT in 2017,” said Steve Szabo, Head of Global IoT Products and Solutions at Verizon.  “Now we’re building on those tools with key partnerships such as one with Mobilogix and other services to help make it easier and more affordable than ever to develop and launch cellular-enabled IoT solutions in the marketplace.” 

Verizon, through its ThingSpace Ready program, will help fast-track the IoT device launch process from design through activation on the cellular network.  By partnering with Mobilogix, Verizon benefits in cost-effectiveness, acquisition, and integration of the solution.  Benefits to suppliers in the form of bundled services and incentives such as free full design certification and up to 100 hours design credits etc. from Mobilogix are a few other attractive advantages.

“Being selected as the partner for complete design and go-to-market projects for ThingSpace Ready is truly a distinct honor,” says Mathi Gurusamy, CEO, Mobilogix. “Because of the fact that our IoT solutions are reliable and cost-effective, and through this partnership with Verizon, we will gain direct and quicker reach to the market and be able to better assist companies with their asset management and data optimization needs.”

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Mobilogix is the world’s leading provider in IoT asset optimization and management solutions. The company’s solutions are ideal for leading companies across Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Healthcare, Industrial, and Transportation seeking to best track, monitor, and optimize their assets and data.  Mobilogix is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has global offices in India, Brazil, Hong Kong and China.  For more information, please call +1.949.748.8895, e-mail or visit


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