Mobilogix End to End IoT Solutions for Asset Tracking
Mobilogix brings scalable State of the Art performance to Supply Chain and Cold Chain tracking.
Mobilogix brings scalable State of the Art performance to Supply Chain and Cold Chain tracking.

Mobilogix brings scalable State of the Art performance to Supply Chain and Cold Chain tracking.

World’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions launches two new devices.

Irvine, California, May 5, 2020 – Mobilogix, the leading provider of cost-optimized State of the Art cellular IoT solutions has announced the addition of two devices to its Supply Chain and Cold-Chain tracking portfolio.

BAT-X is a battery-operated global tracking device utilizing low power LTE CAT-M1/NBIoT technology with embedded Bluetooth gateway capabilities. BAT-X is an enhancement of the previous generation BAT-M1 device, adding increased battery capacity for increased runtime operation and a more robust enclosure. BAT-X is smart logic-enabled to maximize battery life and comes with a fully configurable sensor feature set.

On its own, the BAT-X is a fully capable indoor/outdoor tracking solution providing location and environmental data about asset condition. Combined with BTM250 series of Bluetooth 5.1 beacons, BAT-X combines data from these sources with its own location and environmental data for aggregation of actionable data to Fusion-IoT (a Mobilogix Proprietary Cloud IoT Platform). The result is a powerful solution with enhanced performance in capacity, data rates, power consumption and coverage.

BAT-X provides location data information from multiple on-board sources. Using GNSS, BAT-X provides accurate outdoor location information for asset management. Utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, BAT-X provides seamless indoor location tracking as assets move into a distribution center, a warehouse or multi-story structure.

BAT-X can be used with Bluetooth 5 technology to aggregate data and act as a gateway solution for BTM250 series and other Bluetooth devices. BAT-X can also smartly operate as a beacon in advertise mode to conserve battery power during extended idle periods between operations.

The BTM250 is the ideal pairing to use with Mobilogix cellular solutions to connect assets to the Automotive, Construction, Healthcare and Logistics industries. The BTM250 leverages Bluetooth 5.1 technology providing extended range, double the speed, higher density advertising and improved battery life for enhanced operations in existing applications and enabling new solutions.

The BTM250 can be utilized with any Bluetooth Gateway device (MT Series or BAT) to tag any peripheral asset and aggregate environmental data. As part of the Mobilogix full tier end-to-end solution, the BTM250 will closely monitor and create actionable data for tagged assets.

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology with RSSI positioning, BTM250 further enhances indoor location services when paired with a gateway device. In conjunction with the Fusion-IoT cloud platform on the back end, BTM250 enables indoor tracking. On the front end this provides an intuitive real-time indoor location tracking solution with the ability to import indoor blueprints.

The BTM250 conforms to IP67 standards, able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, all in a tiny package. Having an isolated sensor measurement chamber with an environmental membrane, BTM250 ensures the most accurate measurements. For secure semi-permanent placement in discrete locations mounting ears are included. In addition, a NIST compliant temperature sensor version is offered for Pharmaceutical and food services industries where accuracy is required.

“With the release of Mobilogix BTM250 series, we’re enhancing the capability that originated with previous Mobilogix beacon offerings. Customers can now attach tags on assets for 5 years or more and receive continual updates on temperature, pressure and humidity or have BTM250 as a beacon only. Coupled with BAT-X, an evolution of the original BAT-M1, the combo provides a complete device-to-cloud end-to-end solution with our Fusion IoT platform.” said Charlie Williams, VP of Sales and Business Development with Mobilogix. “With these options now available, customers are enabled to monitor and track assets across multiple verticals and value use cases”

“In our current environment, the need and ability to effectively manage one’s supply chain becomes more critical than ever.” said Mathi Gurusamy, CEO of Mobilogix. “We are truly excited about launching our State of the Art, tightly integrated device-to-cloud Supply Chain Tracking Solution powered by LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT based BAT-X and BLE 5.1 based BTM250.”

Mobilogix is presently accepting BTM250 and BAT-X pre-orders and welcomes discussions with customers seeking scalable solutions without compromise for their asset tracking needs.

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Mobilogix is the world’s leading provider in IoT asset optimization and management solutions. The company’s solutions are deployed by leading companies across the Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Healthcare, Industrial and Transportation industry to track, monitor, and optimize their assets and data. Mobilogix is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has global offices in Brazil, India, Hong Kong and China.  For more information, please call +1.949.748.8895, e-mail, visit or Mobilogix social media channels.