Mobilogix End to End IoT Solutions for Asset Tracking
Mobilogix Adds State of the Art Device to Powered Asset Tracking Portfolio
Mobilogix Adds State of the Art Device to Powered Asset Tracking Portfolio

Mobilogix Adds State of the Art Device to Powered Asset Tracking Portfolio

World’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions launches new device.

Irvine, CA, May 20, 2020 – Mobilogix, the leading provider of cost-optimized State of the Art cellular IoT solutions announces the launch of MT4200; the latest addition to its Asset Tracking portfolio.

Building on the foundation established by the company’s MT4000, the MT4200 offers enhanced performance with lower power consumption and the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Common use cases include track, trace and recovery of automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, and other powered mobile assets.

As the centerpiece of a complete end-to-end solution offering enhanced command and control in configuring, monitoring and managing important assets, the MT4200 is powerful and flexible to meet the requirements of global organizations across industries.

Like the MT4000, the MT4200 enables track and trace workflows with installs as simple as 2 wires. With an on-board antenna and IMU, the MT4200 is ready out of the box for powered asset traceability. As an always-on tracker with multiple power source options, the MT4200 provides the user with highly granular tracking, configurable location reporting intervals and guaranteed up-time. MT4200 can also serve as a gateway for multiple Bluetooth beacons or tags, providing a scalable low-cost solution when managing multiple assets. Adding Mobilogix BTM250 beacons with Bluetooth 5 and rich sensor feature set enables enhanced visibility and control across Cold Chain and Pharmaceutical use cases where precise real-time environmental data at regular intervals is essential.

With the MT4200’s gateway mode enabled, all data recorded at each BTM250 will be available in reports via the Fusion IoT cloud platform and mobile app via the MT4200 cellular backhaul.

Key Features of the MT4200 include Real-Time Tracking, Real Time Notifications, Small Form Factor, Motion Detection, Starter Disable, Tamper Alarm, Speed Alarm, OTA (Over-the-Air) Updates, Reporting Interval Selection, Trip Reporting, Geofence entry/exit Alarm, Low-Battery Alarm, Unauthorized Movement Alarm, Four Tracking Modes, Secure Web Login, Native Android and iOS Apps.

“With the release of the Mobilogix MT4200, we’re adding another low-power CAT-M1 tracker to our portfolio of tracking solutions. By lowering our power envelope, we can track powered assets longer, even after they have lost host power to enable a higher likelihood of recovery. By adding Bluetooth to the solution suite on powered assets with MT4200, now Bluetooth tags or beacons reporting temperature, pressure, humidity can be assigned a location enabling tracking of tagged assets on delivery vehicles or mobile work trucks with valuable tool assets.” said Charlie Williams, VP of Sales and Business Development with Mobilogix. “With a powered gateway option available, customers can now monitor and track all assets — large to small, expensive to low-cost — with end to end visibility.”

Mobilogix is presently accepting MT4200 pre-orders and welcomes discussions with customers seeking scalable solutions without compromise for their asset tracking needs.


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