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6sense Selects Mobilogix State-Of-Art Asset Monitoring Solution
6sense Selects Mobilogix State-Of-Art Asset Monitoring Solution

6sense Selects Mobilogix State-Of-Art Asset Monitoring Solution

Mobilogix’ asset monitoring and data optimization solutions to be integrated by 6Sense for increased profitability through better cooler performance, visibility, and management.

Irvine, California, August 12, 2019 – Mobilogix, the world’s leading provider of asset management and data optimization solutions, today announced that 6Sense has selected Mobilogix and the company’s MT2000C solution for tracking and monitoring 6sense’s cooling/freezing assets, particularly for long haul transportation needs. 

As part of its global strategy, 6Sense is focused on increasing value for its customers through the improvement of both asset management and data optimization.  The company identified Mobilogix’ solutions as the industry’s best available and the price point was also very attractive.  But it is the fact that the company’s decision-making will be much more informed and therefore able to transform the business that was the ultimate decision-maker for 6Sense to move forward with Mobilogix.  

By integrating MT2000C, a fully loaded asset monitoring hardware that can be implemented in all types of cooling equipment, 6sense will be able to control the cooler’s operation and thermodynamic data of their temperature sensitive assets located anywhere in the world. 

“Our asset tracking solutions for coolers and freezers have a phenomenal demand in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, cold storage and food & beverage sector,” says Mathi Gurusamy, CEO of Mobilogix.  “As a leading market player, we customize our features and design our solutions to not only meet, but exceed, our clients varied needs.” 

Key features like Mobilogix’ Fusion platform’s comprehensive UI for real time maps of cooler’ geographic location and data collection & status updates, including warnings through shock and tilt sensors to detect unwanted movements were also factors that helped 6Sense decide to move forward with Mobilogix.

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Mobilogix is the world’s leading provider in IoT asset optimization and management solutions. The company’s solutions are ideal for leading companies across Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Healthcare, Industrial, and Transportation seeking to best track, monitor, and optimize their assets and data.  Mobilogix is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has global offices in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, and Columbia.  For more information, please call +1.949.748.8895, e-mail or visit


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