Choosing the best devices for your use case.

More and more companies are leveraging actionable data coming from connected devices to inform decision making, drive material increases in productivity and asset utilization, and streamline workflows.

However, many valuable assets don’t incorporate the sensors and network connectivity required for remote tracking, monitoring and management. This can be mitigated by attaching a device capable of performing these functions to the asset itself.

Battery-operated Trackers & Gateways are recommended for non-powered assets such as generators, tanks, pallets, packages, tools, dumpsters, shipping containers, trailers, and any other equipment that cannot run under its own power supply.

Powered Trackers & Gateways are recommended for assets with an engine and are great for trailers, tractors, trucks, autos, motorcycles, carts, construction equipment, or any other asset that has a power source but may not be on power all the time.

Bluetooth Beacon Sensors are ideal for asset tracking at scale due to their attractive low cost/high value profile. Often paired with gateway devices that harvest the data shared by multiple beacons and make it available to the user via the cloud.

A full lineup of innovative IoT devices.

Mobilogix innovative IoT product solution stack is designed for the smart tracking, monitoring and management of assets of all kinds at scale. From IoT capabilities like real-time asset-level data from sensors to precise asset location detail, our feature-rich Trackers, Gateways, and Beacon Sensor devices are engineered to outperform.


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