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What is the Role of Bluetooth Beacons in Asset Tracking Solutions
What is the Role of Bluetooth Beacons in Asset Tracking Solutions

What is the Role of Bluetooth Beacons in Asset Tracking Solutions


A common question asked when exploring IoT: What is the role of Bluetooth Beacons in Asset Tracking Solutions? A beacon is a battery-operated small Bluetooth radio transmitter. Bluetooth beacons are ideal for asset tracking at scale due to their attractive low cost/high value profile.

In terms of functioning, beacons are like lighthouses. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals are constantly transmitted by these small hardware devices. These signals can be scanned and displayed by Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What exactly does a Bluetooth beacon transmit?

It’s not merely sending a message into the air. It sends a unique ID number that tells a listening device which beacon it is near. At user-defined intervals the beacon sends out its ID numbers. That signal is picked up by a nearby Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your phone. When a dedicated app recognises it, it connects it to a cloud-based action or piece of material and shows it to the user.

What is the role of Bluetooth beacons in Asset Tracking Solutions?

  • Location and condition data at the individual asset-level: Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light, motion, and air quality
  • Small form factor with indoor/outdoor functionality suitable for a wide range of use cases: Ideal for Cold chain monitoring, Tool tracking, Equipment tracking, Package tracking, and Pallet tracking
  • Low maintenance and extended life due to low power demand: Common applications include Warehouses, Logistics, Transportation, Construction, Healthcare, and Agribusiness

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