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Using Internet of Things Technology to Track Shipping Containers
Using Internet of Things Technology to Track Shipping Containers

Using Internet of Things Technology to Track Shipping Containers

Why track shipping containers?

Why would it be beneficial to track shipping containers? If you work for a shipping line or a company that exports items internationally, you’re probably all too acquainted with what may happen when a group of containers goes “black” once they leave port.

One or more containers that were supposed to be on the ship aren’t, and there’s nothing you can do about it by the time you find out. Alternatively, a cargo may be offloaded at the incorrect port, delaying delivery by several months.

This happens with little visibility.  Legacy systems do not specify whether a container is on a ship or in a depot at any given time, or specify when a container started its journey or arrived at its destination. This is where the tracking of shipping containers comes in.

The Internet of Things is being used to track Shipping Containers

Shipping container tracking solutions, enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, fills in the gaps where bar code scanning falls short. It can track your containers and provide you with real-time information on storage and transportation conditions.  Visibility improves dramatically.

The components of IoT Shipping Container tracking solutions

Sensors, communication, and applications are the three components of shipping container tracking technology.

  1. Sensors embedded in tracking devices mounted to container exteriors and/or interiors allow you to track the location AND condition of your containers and their contents
  2. Communication of data from tracking devices to the cloud requires network connectivity—which is especially problematic at sea—via cellular or satellite technology
  3. Applications are software that enable companies to access location and condition data stored in the cloud in real-time or on-demand

Next steps in exploring IoT Shipping Container tracking solutions

Each use case has its own unique set of requirements and dependencies.  Begin your needs assessment with the end goal in mind: What do you hope to achieve?  Gather your questions, then reach out to an IoT solutions provider with experience in your space.

Talk to us if you need a reliable tracking system and a partner who can guide you through the complexity of shipping container tracking. 

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