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IoT Virtual Platforms – A must have for your IoT needs
IoT Virtual Platforms – A must have for your IoT needs

IoT Virtual Platforms – A must have for your IoT needs

The dashboard, or IoT dashboard, is a critical HMI (Human-Machine Interface) component for the Internet of Things, or any control system, that organizes and shows digital information from our physical environment in a simple to understand display on a computer or mobile device.

Users and operators can utilize IoT Dashboards to (remotely) monitor and control individual assets and processes, as well as access and operate an environment from anywhere in the globe, depending on safety needs.

But beware, many of today’s Dashboards focus on the UI of the platform to such an extent that they lose the focus on what the platform is supposed to be offering. Know what the attributes & advantages of an IoT Platform are:

Physical Asset Monitoring:

While many typical data sources are exclusively digital, such as financial market prices, the Internet of Things uses input/output devices and sensors from our physical world to present insights from an environment or its systems. The digital tools we use to visualize and show data coming from the real world to our computers are IoT dashboards, which are loaded with graphs, charts, control switches, maps, tables, and many other widgets.

Business Must-Have:

While using a dashboard to view company statistics isn’t new, having the data visible to employees, management, and customers at the same time is. Businesses are now embracing the Internet of Things to include cloud data analytics to improve operational efficiency and worker safety, and then relaying this information to customers or vendors for increased product transparency.

Available on Cloud:

The rise of cloud computing and its adept data collection, processing, and analysis capabilities has aided the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses and individual users no longer need servers’ rooms to store data or an on-hand IT specialist to administer it thanks to the global accessibility of cloud data-storage platforms like AWS and Google Cloud. IoT dashboards can be accessible via a URL and any standard browser or mobile application from anywhere in the globe, thanks to most cloud or IoT service providers’ worldwide infrastructure.

Know the Types of IoT Dashboards:

  • Asset tracking and condition monitoring in real time using GPS.
  • Monitoring of Energy and the Environment with IoT sensors

The Internet of Things and Control Systems are automating our houses, monitoring assets remotely, and reducing global energy consumption. Using the Mobilogix FusionIoT™ Dashboard, businesses can gain insights from sensor data, increase operational efficiency, save resources, and decrease expenses. To know more about FusionIoT™ contact us on