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4 Reasons e-Bikes and IoT are a Perfect Pair
4 Reasons e-Bikes and IoT are a Perfect Pair

4 Reasons e-Bikes and IoT are a Perfect Pair

The Growth of e-Bikes and Scooters

In order to understand the 4 reasons e-Bikes and IoT are a perfect pair we need context. The proliferation of e-Bikes and scooters is hard to ignore.  What was once a questionable idea with little municipal support is now a global phenomenon; rapidly spreading from urban to rural communities.  But the growth hasn’t just been geographic.  Growth in actual units has been exponential.

Understanding the Logistical Challenges and Risks

Cities, businesses, and individuals all benefit when e-Bikes are safe, easy to locate, and properly maintained. A breakdown in any of these areas can result in substantial loss due to injury, theft, or mechanical failure.  But with the numbers of e-Bikes and scooters on the street proliferating, how can businesses take back control while managing cost?

Asset Tracking: 4 Reasons e-Bikes and IoT are a Perfect Pair

More specifically, for fleet owners and operators what’s the best way to track, manage and maintain these personal vehicles at scale?  Cellular IoT asset tracking solutions are a perfect place to start.  Here are 4 compelling reasons why: 

  1. IoT solutions are easy to deploy:  Offering small form factors and connections as simple as 2 wires, keeps installations discreet.
  2. IoT solutions provide reliable connectivity:  Cellular IoT solutions work in a wide range of network environments – from 2G to latest LTE networks. 
  3. IoT solutions deliver actionable real-time data:  Always-on devices allow data capture and reporting in the smallest time intervals for predictive analysis, immediate alerts and notifications, and proactive asset management  
  4. IoT solutions offer remote configuration and device management: The cloud-based nature of IoT allows for OTA (Over-The-Air) services via mobile app or desktop. 

Next Steps: Investing in an IoT e-Bike tracking solution

Each use case has its own unique set of requirements and dependencies.  Look for a solution that allows you to control access and protect against theft, track location and usage, and monitor condition for predictive maintenance.  Learn more about the advantages of low-cost e-Bike tracking solutions here:

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