Mobility & Fleet Management

Mobility Tracking Solutions.

The volume and variety of personal and business mobility units on the road continues to grow. Tracking assets in constant motion is more critical than ever.

Mobility Tracking Solutions by Mobilogix provide actionable data for monitoring powered assets at scale with a high level of precision and granularity.

Mobility Isometric
Build a tightly integrated Mobility Tracking solution with products and services optimized for Tracking and Monitoring mobile assets at scale.

Cloud Platform



Powered Devices


Bluetooth Beacon Sensors

Beacon Sensors

Maximize ROI with best-in-class quality, reliability and performance.

Micromobility Tracking & Monitoring

Micromobility Tracking & Monitoring.

Mobilogix Micromobility IoT Tracking solutions are discrete, durable and easy to deploy so you can put your assets to work quickly and confidently.

Vehicle Track, Trace & Recovery.

Mitigate risk of loss due to theft, damage, and neglect with enhanced real-time location data that is both granular and precise. Features include geofence alerts and starter-disable.

Vehicle Track, Trace & Recovery
EV, Cart & Motorcycle Tracking

EV, Cart & Motorcycle Tracking.

Features include battery monitoring and 4 distinct operating modes - Active, Transport, Storage, and Maintenance - enabling more accurate tracking of assets at scale.

Personalize your solution with Mobilogix value-added services.


Leverage the power of your brand.

White Label


Fine tune performance and features.

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