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IoT solutions from Mobilogix for Asset Tracking are designed and engineered to scale with the needs of startups and global organizations across a range of industries and use cases.

Whether your use case requires a full turn-key solution customized and white labeled to your brand, or you are looking to upgrade the devices or cloud platform in your current solution, Mobilogix delivers.





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Better business performance begins with better data. Mobilogix tightly integrated solutions combine State-of-the-Art Hardware and FusionIoT™ Platform to enable multiple tiers of input collection from abundant data sources. Take advantage of our vertical market solution expertise.

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3 Reason why IoT is the right choice for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

What are the Components of IoT Asset Tracking?

While specifics vary by industry and use case, all IoT asset management solutions must incorporate the following components:

Device Tracking: Depending on the use case and the object to be tracked, the form factor changes. They may have a single purpose, such as simple tracking tags, or they may have multiple purposes, such as car dash cams.

Connectivity: What is the connection between those devices? Wherever your tracking devices are put, you’ll require reliable network access. Cellular networks are used in many commercial and industrial IoT applications to accomplish this.

Platform Management: A mean to control connectivity from afar, track device location, and obtain device statistics These functions are handled by your IoT platform.

3 Reasons why IoT is the right choice for Asset Tracking

IoT asset tracking solutions offer businesses a number of advantages over conventional asset management systems, including:

Minimal Time Consumption. Typical processes entail some manual labour, which takes time and exposes you to human mistake.

Real-Time Tracking. You may use the IoT platform to check in on a device’s position and status in real-time if your system is connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For some time-sensitive applications, such as personal safety or theft recovery, this is critical.

Automated processes. You may automate relevant operations throughout the supply chain by using an IoT-based asset tracking solution.

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